Saturday, October 1, 2016

Parking Pour L'ile

Parking Pour L'ile

I had a blast of a time Friday.  Several friends came over to have open studio time in my garage.  It is just fun to sit and chat and work on art.  I almost completed 14 new pieces yesterday.  What a productive day!  The new series which piggy-backs on this architectural series will begin being published on this blog soon.  

I figured that if I do one blog entry for the next 90 days I will hit over 300 entries for 2016.  I have a goal and a challenge to see if I can do it.  I am inspired by Jacki Long who blogs every day.

Happy October, my favorite month! :-)


Jacki Long said...

Awww, thanks John!
I so look forward to seeing your work each day!
It's almost like watching your train of thought.
i look forward to your self-challenge, a treat for us fans!

Connie Rose said...

Another great collage! You're certainly prolific enough to post every day like Jacki does. I look forward to seeing your daily work. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy this awesome month! Hugs.