Monday, October 10, 2016

Red Mill Hotel

Red Mill Hotel
I just love old buildings especially when they are deserted and out in nowhere land where you least expect them.  Did you ever see the film Baghdad Cafe?  Great film. At least in my mind the hotel in this piece reminds me of that hotel in the Mojave Desert.  I probably am remembering it quite differenly but there must be some similarity.  I also love putting dissimilar together causing something that is unexpected.


Jacki Long said...

There used to be an abandoned restaurant very similar to your Red Mill Hotel, on the drive to China Lake, years ago. I used to look for it each time and take as many mental shots as I could as we passed. It may have rusted or blown away by now, but I still have most of my mental shots! ;o)

Connie Rose said...

Oh yes! Baghdad Cafe came to mind as soon as I saw this piece. I love this one.