Sunday, March 29, 2015

Teabag Series 04, 05,and 06

Teabag Series 04

Teabag Series 05

Teabag Series 06
Three more in the series.....I suppose I should have waited to post this series until the ATCs were received in the mail.  Since my energy level has been severely diminished over the past two weeks I feel lucky to have anything to post.  I know everyone will understand especially because they do not know which one they will be getting.  So there is still that surprise. :-)


amy of studio four corners said...

glad you are feeling better - and creating - so go with the flow! great to see you yesterday and so glad you found the perfect book...look forward to how you use it...

jacki long said...

I love the blues and tans!
So much talent! ;o)

anonymous said...

I did the same so can't complain!

tgarrett said...

Wonderful as always!