Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nest Material

Nest Material
I just love spring and we are having an early one in the Pacific NW.  Today is amazing at 60 degrees. The birds are nesting, the flowers are blooming, and a mole is having a hay-day in my garden.

I need to digress about the mole.  I saw evidence of him in my neighbor's garden.  I thought he will never get to my yard because there is a four foot deep retaining wall between our houses.  Well, I watched the evidence progress over the winter months to the west.  That darn mole found his way to the end of the retaining wall, came around it, and headed under the photinia towards my place.  He sure persevered because he made it all the way to my house.  I thought perhaps he had headed back to where he belongs (my opinion is that he belongs next door) as I did not see additional evidence for awhile.  Not to be because he is heading along the north side of my house towards my backyard.  My only hope is that he will continue east eventually!

Back to Nest Material.  I used Japanese ledger paper, paint, ephemera, and my new exciting purchase, paper yarn.  Do you know about it?  It is great stuff.  I purchased it for a class that I signed up for on making Joomchi in July.  Oh, I did not know about Joomchi either until recently but it looks to be exciting. Look it up on YouTube and Pinterest!


Cate Rose said...

I totally love this spread! WOW, awesome!

jacki long said...

This is one of my all time favorites!
I predict that will last until another, soon.
Will look up paper yarn and joomchi, both new to me. ;o)

anonymous said...

The Joomchi looks so exciting - don't lead me astray!!!

Brian Kasstle said...

John you always amaze me. I love this one so much. The colors and the paper yarn!

Parabolic Muse said...

Beautiful. And I love the piece you're exhibiting for the Pulse Project.