Monday, March 9, 2015


I am back.  Last week I was extremely busy with other art works and so I ignored this blog which can take a bit of time in my week.  I have been working with Mulberry paper creating sheets and sheets of my own papers for collage work.  Much of what I have done will appear in ATCs and in journal spreads in the future.  I love working with Mulberry paper.  I have printed on it and when I collage pieces of it those fibers disappear leaving only the printed design.

I had many scraps of Mulberry paper left over after trimming off the printed designs.  Those did not go to waste as I have collaged them using matte medium over freezer paper.  When dry I pull off the adhered papers and I have a new sheet to work with.  There is no waste.  That is good since the paper cost me a bundle.

Balance was a bunch of experiments.  I used Japanese ledger paper that I got on Etsy.  Love the effect of the calligraphy coming through.  I used tea bag paper and left over designer masking tape paper that I created. Balance is in a round robin journal that will end up in Southern California in July.


jacki long said...

Missed you, but so glad you're back!
I love this, the textures, and especially the colors!
Another wonderful winner! ;o)

tgarrett said...

Love this!

anonymous said...

Oh my - one could spend a mint on Etsy on special stuff - and don't get me started on the cost of the oriental papers. (I think I've drawn the line at US$12 for a very small sheet just to trial it but the sky's the limit at the best London paper shops.) But find one you like and it really pays back in pleasure (not money!!) I keep looking at that balance beam and wondering if it really goes down on the right (as I see it) or it's an illusion. I just made a page of these well-known visual tricks and they fool me every time!

Seth said...

Great way to turn scraps into treasures.