Thursday, November 13, 2014

Marion the Librarian

Marion the Librarian
One of my favorite musicals is The Music Man.  Perhaps that is because I spent many summers with my cousins in Clear Lake, Iowa and the musical takes place in a middle American town similar to where I visited.  In the musical, Marion, is the sweetheart of the show.  Here's to you, Marion.


Cate Rose said...

Another fab card!

jacki long said...

Isn't she wonderful?
So often in old photos the damsel has that far away look.
Love how you create such wonderful backgrounds, and ...
I love the right hand border designs in this series.
All super!

anonymous said...

Yes - the white rings are great for lightening the whole thing and creating movement. But I like the dark magic on the left too.

Michele R. Unger said...

What a wonderful spread! Marion is one of my favorites, too, as is The Music Man. You've caught the sweetness of the story so well.