Saturday, November 15, 2014

Miss Ladybug

Miss Ladybug
Every single Victorian photo I see the expression is so stern.  Yikes, were they not so happy or were they just serious all the time.  Maybe I can see if anyone on the web has done any research on photo expressions during this time.  Even in the recent Masterpiece Theater show, Paradise, a period piece, stern looks are being photographed.


Cate Rose said...

...and maybe it took so long to shoot each photo that nobody smiled because it hurt too much? Another great card!

anonymous said...

If you had a gash in your chin, you might look peeved... Love the background here.

Brian Kasstle said...

I have heard that the reason that folks never smiled in these photos is because of the length of time it took to take a photo. I love lady bugs in real life. This giant one kind of creeps me out. Cool!