Sunday, November 9, 2014

jail bird

jail bird
Yesterday I taught twenty-two teachers how to create original postcard collages.  Each session was 90 minutes long and so we had to huff and puff to get the postcards completed in the limited time. However, it was fun to watch amazing art evolve.  Friday I worked all day to create postcard examples for these students.  I also shared with them postcards that many of my art friends have sent me.  I have happy with the thought that many of these teachers will return to their classrooms and use the mixed-media techniques that they now have.


jacki long said...

They are lucky to have had that learning experience with you John!
I am lucky because you have been so generous to me with your terrific work.
Thank you for YOU!

Michele R. Unger said...

It sounds like you had a MOST successful day. I know they had fun as I always have a great time in any class you teach. Will you ever know if they have their classes make collaged postcards and what they might do with them? I want to know! I bet you do, too. See you tomorrow.

anonymous said...

I think this one is so successful. Combines the stress of being trapped as a teacher tied to the curriculum with not enough time, and inspiration waiting to take flight. I'm sure you did a good job with your classes.

amy of studio four corners said...

love this! at the Schack doing this?

john said...

Yes, I was one of the three teachers who taught on Saturday to a group of Snohomish teachers. It is an annual event and we had loads of fun! There is always a keynote speaker as well. A artist from Olympia who does art from recycled materials shared her expertise. Totally grand day.

Cate Rose said...

How cool that you're doing a lot of teaching these days! BTW, I love this postcard!