Friday, November 21, 2014

Laugh On Me

Who Is This Guy?
I have been teaching a six week mixed-media class with u/Learn ArtsNow which is an adult education program through Edmonds Community College.  Last night was our last meeting and I was sharing student work by walking around and holding up the work for each student to see while they worked on their journaling.  My friend, Michele, is in the class and I saw something that I wanted all the others to take note of.

I really did not pay any attention to the subject of this piece and I was looking at it upside down as well.  I was sharing the piece with a student and talking about the fact that Michele had used used teabags in the background and that she had printed an image from a magazine on tissue paper and adhered it to the background.  I turned and said, "Michele, did you get this image out of National Geographic?"  She replied, "No, it is a photograph that I took of you which I altered in the application Waterlogue."

My mouth must have dropped open because here I thought it was from National Geographic and it was of me!  The photo was taken last summer when Michele and I attended an Orly Avineri workshop in Coupeville. In Orly's class we dressed in Middle East garb while doing some contour drawing.  We had a good laugh over that one!


jacki long said...

I like it a lot!
Michele, to me, seems to have a grounded earthy approach, a comfort level that is always appealing!
Your expression reminds me of "teacher" face, or as they told me when I started teaching kids, 100 years ago, don't smile till Christmas! ;o)

Michele R. Unger said...

The look on his face, Jacki, when I pointed out the he was the subject was priceless! Such fun. In all fairness, I had seriously altered the image from the original photo. But....he didn't realize it was of himself. Priceless!

anonymous said...

Well, I guess we don't see ourselves as others do... He looks the part tho' - like the ornate headgear you've made, Michele.

Seth said...


Brian Kasstle said...

This IS too funny! How wonderful! I love it!!!

tgarrett said...

I so love this and i can see your expression now-