Thursday, November 20, 2014

Envelopes Journal with Zebra Pouch

In trying out different things with this pouch "binding" that I have been working on, I decided that I like the stitching idea.  Since the sewing machine needle gets hung up with the sticky from the tape I have another idea that works.  Create the fabric side pieces on the machine and then glue them to the sides of the pouch.  It gives the same effect.

Zebra Pouch
 I have a bunch of mail art that comes to me over time.  Of course I keep the art part but  I don't throw the envelope away wanting to incorporate it somehow into a piece of art.  There are wonderful pieces of ephemera already stuck to many of the envelopes. These are treasures!

In this case, I took the envelopes and stitched three signatures together using the pamphlet stitch. Then I stitched the three signatures together with a variation of the pamphlet stitch.  The new journal will now go into one of my new pouches.  So easy-peasy!  I am thinking I might even take it on vacation to work in when I have a bit of down time.  I hate wasting time....even on vacation.  Driven!
Envelope Journal


jacki long said...

Wonderful John, again!

Cate Rose said...

What a cool thing to do!! Love this. And thanks so much for the fabulous postcard I got from you this week! xo

anonymous said...

Driven - or obsessive?! You certainly manage to make a lot of art. Keep on going.

ingridp said...

Proud to be in your collection. :-)