Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ukiyo-e #10

Ukiyo-e # 10
OMG!  It has been almost a month since I last posted on this blog.  Perhaps you thought I had fallen off the face of the earth. Not the case!  I have been busy getting my mother's house ready to sell. What a task that has been!  I have been painting, cleaning, discarding, holding an estate sale, and taking care of business affairs.  It all takes time but I have accomplished a lot in three months.  The last month has been the most hectic.

If you are curious about the house, here is the MLS for it.... http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?ID=12254528907

Yesterday was the first day I have been able to do any art other than teaching it.  I found a calendar at a garage sale this summer with Ukiyo-e prints on it.  I snatched it up for a dollar.  So now I am using this ephemera in a postcard series.    Ukiyo-e #10 is totally recycled materials I had around the studio. The background is "waste" paint on deli paper.  The red cross in the lower right is the number ten in Japanese.


amy of studio four corners said...

you have been missed! your collage piece is wonderful - so glad you finally got a chance to play...
and I did check out the listing for the house - here I'm thinking its gonna be a little cottage that a little old lady was living in....oh my - quite the house! given its location, its layout and its view, I hope you have a quick sale!

Cate Rose said...

Holy moley, what a fabulous house! Love your collage, and I'm glad that you're back in touch with us all. Enjoy your time on the Oregon coast!

Claudia MB said...

Thanks for posting the link -- after hearing so much about it, it's nice to see what it looks like, and of course it's fabulous. It would be a great place for art retreats, I think.

jacki long said...

So glad to have you back John, I love your work so, and Ukiyo-e #10 is a beauty!.
I enjoyed looking at your Mother's home and it's idyllic location, I can understand your big job. Take good care.

anonymous said...

You must be exhausted but triumphant re the house. Hope sale goes well. I would like the garage please!
You haven't lost your touch with the collages - lovely one.

Anonymous said...

Hi John I may seem like a new viewer but I have been reading your blog for about a year and love what you do. I have just learned how to leave a comment , but it comes up as anonymous but I am Heather another English fan and a friend of Jacqueline from Newcastle who has commented before.
Love all of your work