Tuesday, September 23, 2014


So is the word "chicks" offensive to women?  Do a search on the internet and see what others have said.  It is funny how a word has power if you let it.  Personally I can't think of a time I used the word "chick" other than perhaps to refer to a film, "chick flick".  When you do a search it is amazing how many terms are out there for people in general....cougar, fag hag, queen, guys (used for both male and female, etc.

So why did I create an ATC with this particular theme?  Who knows where my ideas come from??  They just come.  In this case I had the chicken, or is that a rooster?, already glued to an ATC and decided that when the women fell on it that this was the way this card was to go.  This happens to me all the time...no planning....no preconceived idea on what or how something will turn out.  Just "happy accidents".


jacki long said...

Love this, like all your work!
It felt right, right?
And, you were obviously ... right!
So glad to have you back posting, I look forward to each one.

anonymous said...

Well, the girls don't seem unhappy!

Irene Rafael said...

Thanks for the big smile you gave me this morning, John :)

Cate Rose said...

This is a hoot. I love it. Fag Hag -- that's me!

jacqueline said...

Chic Chicks.......;-)

tgarrett said...

As always John- your work continues to amaze me- love your thoughts with this one- always nice to read about what the artist is thinking about.