Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ukiyo-e #16

Ukiyo-e #16
Today I was lucky enough to spend some time in a second/third grade classroom doing art.  What fun to see children expressing themselves with all the freedom of the world!  One boy came up to me and was so thrilled with his work that he commented that he was going to invent a new style of painting. I said, "Go for it!"  Move over Picasso and all!

Ukiyo-e #16 is yet another postcard using up what is around.  I found an old insect textbook recently while cleaning up my mother's house. As you know I love black and white photos on a colored background. The number in the corner is Japanese for 16.....ten plus six.


jacki long said...

Just plain masterful, John!
I look forward to every post,
and the Ukiyo-e image is a wonderful match
for your exuberant style. Magic!

anonymous said...

Love the components here.

Cate Rose said...

Fab postcard!