Saturday, September 27, 2014

Manzanita ATCs 2014 - series

Manzanita ATC No. 1

Manzanita ATC No. 2
Tim and I spent a week in Manzanita, Oregon on R and R after two months of getting my mother's house ready to sell.  So I decided to take only Pitt pens, a bit of ephemera, and a glue stick on this trip. My inspiration was from my friend Gina May who created ATCs on one of her trips in the last few years. The task was to use what you could find in any one day.

So I used brochures and business cards that I found .  I used matchbook covers that I scored from an antique store in Wheeler, and I used the ephemera that I brought along to make one ATC per day. This series I am calling Manzanita.  I will show you all seven in the next few days.


Seth said...

Love these. And what a great way to commemorate travels!

jacki long said...

These are terrific, I always love your series.
Glad you got some rest John, and had fun too!

anonymous said...

Great - just goes to show how you focus on arrangement when you're only 'playing' with fewer items. Looking forward to the rest.

tgarrett said...

John- I love this whole series I can't believe your output- wonderful colors and composition! (as always)