Thursday, April 3, 2014

Postcards Continue



Women Pirates
I have been working on adding pours to the postcards.  I really like the transparency and color addition that it gives.

Thoughts I have on these postcards.  They were experimental in nature.  I tried so many different things on them.  They are not my favorites but there are parts that I do like.

I would not want to buy insurance or a car from the man in Oddity.  The woman in Curiosity looks like Sally Field.  I particularly like the native.  It is as if he really is curious about these strangers who have invaded his land.  Look what they are wearing compared to his dress.

I guess I never thought about it before but there were women pirates.


Cate Rose said...

Women pirates...really? Whodathunk?

jacki long said...

Your work is so inspiring! It always makes me want to go try a new technique!

anonymous said...

The idioms paddle your own canoe and cuckoo in the nest come to mind! Good depth to your designs here.

Brian Kasstle said...

I love the top one. My favorite! Have a wonderful weekend! I am off to the mountains with Orly and Rachel.

Michele R. Unger said...

Of course there were women pirates! Check out Anne Bonney, for one. "Well behaved women really made history. ". ;-)

Love the postcards, personality. There feel free and loose and look like you had a great time making them.

tgarrett said...

These are wonderful! I love your colors and your backgrounds make for a real dreamscape.