Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Round Robin - Michele

A group of six of my art friends has engaged in a dos-a-dos journal round robin project.  Once a month we work in one of the members' journals.  This month is the second month of the RR and I worked in my friend Michele's journal. Michele and I became friends in a RR last year hosted by Susie LaFond.  Michele and I first met at Starbuck's in Edmonds for the journal trade off.

We still meet once a month to chat about journaling and just about everything else.  Michele came to my house about a month ago for lunch and journaling.  Over the past year I have gotten to know quite a bit about her.  One thing that I know is that she is a great artist and is always trying new art techniques.  She puts 100% of herself into her work.  At the moment she is doing portraitures with outstanding results.

Michele likes to travel and since I have known her she has gone to Africa, India, Oregon, and Nantucket. Her photographs of her travels always appear in her journaling.  You should see the fantastic journal she did on her several African countries visit!

Usually when I start a journaling project I rarely have an idea of where it is going.  For Michele's journal I decided that I wanted to take her photograph wearing a variety of hats.  The morning of our lunch I emailed her and asked her to bring four or five hats to my house.  That afternoon I photographed Michele wearing some of the hats including the cardboard support for one of them.

After our afternoon of doing art Michele went home and emailed me a photograph of her when she was a little girl wearing a wonderful poke-a-dot hat.  These photographs all appear in the spreads that I did for Michele.  I then got the idea to find other women wearing hats.  My husband, Tim, was responsible for all the hat photos you see.  He is a researcher and has an extensive fashion file. Thanks Tim!

Michele enjoys the poet Mary Oliver.  I have included many of Ms. Oliver's quotes in my spread for Michele.

First spread

Center spread

Last spread


Michele R. Unger said...

Your post brought me to tears. I love the post, I love the RR journal spread, but most of all, I love your big giving loving heart. Thank you, John. Our friendship has become something I treasure dearly. Our monthly meetings to 'catch up' and have out show and tell of what we've been up to are much anticipated and greatly enjoyed. Seeing your work and watching your process has taught me so much. I am awed by how nuanced and layered your work is, but still fresh, spontaneous and full of humor. Thank you, dear friend, for the beautiful spread in my RR journal, for your generous sharing of your knowledge and artistic abilities, and thank you for the friendship. I value it, and your friendship more than I can express.

anonymous said...

This one is stunning, John. Love it. ATC from Irene this time was in neutrals + gold and I was reminded how fabulous these are.

Brian Kasstle said...

John, this spread is so personal, and inspirational for Michele and us. Wonderful. I love the idea.

Anonymous said...

John, I love your "hatitude". Your spread for Michele is, shall we say, Over The Top! Love, love! Jan C

john said...

It was so fun to work in your journal and to write about our friendship.