Monday, April 28, 2014

Pansy #1

Pansy #1
This is my first postcard in a series of eight with similar backgrounds and black and white photos.  Pansy comes from photographs that I found of females arrested in Australia for unspecified crimes.  I am pretty sure I have a good idea of the "crime" though.  The postcards in this series will be going out to the Pay-It-Forward participants who left comments on my blog.  There is still one spot left if you leave a comment on the Pay-It-Forward blog entry.


Cate Rose said...

Great postcard! Will we get to see the others??

jacki long said...

I love Pansy! Something about the old black and white photography, always seems to me that we can see into their soul? And, I've never seen anyone combine black and white with vivid colors so successfully. No one. I am on your list, right?

Claudia MB said...

I love how the background echoes Pansy's hair and crocheted top.

anonymous said...

Very exciting piece. The background has a feeling of Klimt's decoration.