Friday, August 30, 2013


For my September gentlemen's ATC group I decided to do more Crazy Guys.  After creating the background I collaged four different guys from a variety of found photos.  This guy is actually parts of four photos.  I love that when I look at him sometimes my eyes focus on the eyes.  Other times I focus on hair, and yet many times I focus on the lips and chin area.  Don't you just wonder what he is thinking and why is he hesitating.  Now you can start your own narrative.

I am mailing the ATCs today.  Soon I will post the other three guys which each share a different emotion.


Cate Rose said...

I just love this guy!

tgarrett said...

This is so fine John- I think maybe I will do some more crazy guys!

anonymous said...

It is truly amazing that one can accept the face even after realising that it's all out of proportion - even if you put it together topsy-turvy it would probably be okay. Very successful.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.

irene said...

oh these craz;y guys. i would love to do some of these. i seem to remember i did a take on crazy guys. i'll try to dig it out and send it to you. mine are so basic. there is such skill and finess in yours.