Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In June, during my Minnesota trip to see Terry Garrett, I was impressed by the lakes that dotted the geography of the state.  On an outting to Itasca State Park I was able to take a few barn photos.  This journal spread is honoring that trip and also the artist Andrew Wyeth.  I love his piece Christina and hence, to honor Mr. Wyeth, I have created this piece, Christian

I have lost count of the number of barn pieces that I have completed, but this one has a special place in those works.  I had mostly completed it with the exception of the final touch....one more thing to make it right.  It came to me yesterday when I accidently laid a transparency on top of the spread.  The tree!  Perfect to make it all come together!

Christian will be heading to Sweden in October as it is part of  my friend's, Ingrid, journal signature.  Luckily I have a scan of it.  My partner exclaimed, "Noooooooooooo!" when I told him it would be leaving us in a couple of months.  Letting go is part of the reality of the art world, is it not?


anonymous said...

Lovely clear colours - it's great when serendipity steps in. I saw a Wyeth Family exhibition at the beautiful Dulwich Picture Gallery - such a talented lot. Just imagine letting go of pictures before the scanner... All the little doodles e.g. Van Gogh added to his letters to show what he was doing.

Brian Kasstle said...

Wonderful spread John! Well, you and Tim can have this printed on canvas or other service to keep it "close to home".

Anonymous said...

I really love everything about this spread. The imagery, the colours, the composition...everything! I don't blame you for keeping a reminder of it for yourself. Well done.
Lisa in Oz

ingridp said...

Ohhhh !
I cannot wait!!!!

tgarrett said...

John- I love this so much and of course it has a very special meaning to me- beautiful composition.