Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RR Complete

Last winter I joined a round robin with six others hosted by Susie LaFond from Minnesota.  The RR is now complete as I have just finished the final spreads for Michele's journal.  It is pretty amazing how things turn out.  Michele created several pages in her journal from a Washington state map and some Seattle scenes from commercial paper.  When her journal arrived at my door, those pages were next in line for journaling.  Perfect for me as I am using Seattle as my home town for this RR.  As you can see I incorporated those into what I created for Michele.

Not only was the RR fun but I have made an art friend in Michele.  We meet each month to pass-off journals.  Today is the final pass-off, however, I know it won't be the last day that Michele and I meet to discuss journaling.  We have too much fun at our Starbuck's meetings.  I have learned so much from Michele who is an amazing journaling artist.

I am also so very pleased to have "met" six other journalers during this experience.  I thank all of them for amazing spreads in my new complete journal.


Cate Rose said...

Loving these. I had no idea all those quotes are from Chief Seattle. Very wise man.

anonymous said...

Fantastic greens, strong images and good quotes in these spreads.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing journal. It must wonderful work John. Would love to see everyone's completed work!

Seth said...

I really like the collages on these pages. Sounds like it was a fun experience.

tgarrett said...

I love looking at these- I haven't been in a journal exchange in several years- your creative output is really inspiring John.