Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow
I love Johnny Depp's character, Jack Sparrow, in Pirates of the Carribean.  The skeleton reminds me of the film and thus honors Johnny as his character Jack.  Placing a skeleton in a odd location next to the Trans-America building in San Francisco makes me smile.  I love disparate things brought together.

In Orly's class we were asked to make a closure for our journal.  Since I am making two more signatures and will bind three to make the total journal my clasp was temporary.  Hence the ripped white irregular shapes on this piece.  I may leave them alone or add more color to them sometime.


tgarrett said...

The layers in this give so much depth- I love all the elements together- lots of possible stories here.

Brian Kasstle said...

I always love to see these journals closed. How the pages interact with each other. I can't wait to see your journal. This page has a lot of tension, must be the skeleton???