Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rolodex Challenge

My friend Brian sent me five Rolodex cards to create art on.  Here are my works front and back for those cards.  I used tar gel on the first one but left the others without as I did not want them sticking together on his Rolodex of art.
Rolodex #1

Rolodex #2

Rolodex #3
Rolodex #4
Rolodex #5


Cate Rose said...

These are wonderful, John. What a cool thing, having a rolodex full of art!

Brian Kasstle said...

These arrived yesterday! They are wonderful! Thank you John! So marvelous! Thank you for doing these for me!!!

anonymous said...

Love the I-spy one - reminds me of ancient childhood when we all had autograph books and these picture clues were all the rage. But you had to draw them each time in those days. I liked the pics that went with Be independent but not too independent - (leave you to work out how to draw it if you don't know!)

tgarrett said...

I love these John! What wonderful little compositions- so full of color and textures.