Thursday, March 7, 2013

Red Barn

Red Barn
Over the past year I have been taking online art classes and I met an artist, Ingrid, from Sweden in many of those classes.  Ingrid and I started emailing each other and leaving comments on each other's blogs.  Now we have joined an international  group to send ATCs bimonthly.  Ingrid loves to take photos of the multitude of red barns in Sweden.  This one particularily took my fancy.  So I asked Ingrid if I could use the photo in a collage.  She emailed me a bunch of red barn photos to use.  Perhaps I will begin a Red Barn Series. 

Thank you Ingrid for your generosity and your interest in photographing barns.  Ingrid recently needed to clean out a studio that she was using and asked if I would like ephemera from the clean up.  I never turn down that opportunity and this week I received many wonderful fabric scaps and such in the mail from her.  I have scanned those pieces of fabric and have already used them in collages.  One of the fabrics is just under the man in this collage.  Thanks again Ingrid for your thoughfulness.

On a totally different note...

An friend of mine who lives in Seattle had a rather unsettling experience recently.  As he left his house one morning last week he had a feeling that something was wrong.  Indeed, something was wrong.  Someone had stolen a piece of his art right off the side of his house!  The art is a Guadalupe that he had been encircled with chili pepper lights.  The art thief must have liked the total package as the Guadalupe and the lights are now gone.  The thief had to take the time to find the plug and unplug the lights before making the get-away. 

My friend has now posted the following sign in front of his house.  Here is the sign and a photo of the madonna.


tgarrett said...

This new piece is just incredible John- I think it might be my all time favorite of yours to date!!!
So dreamy and lots of places to wonder in.
I never understand how people can steal art and how could you enjoy that? Hope he gets it back.

Cate Rose said...

The Red Barn is really fabulous, John. I love that you scan fabric! I usually just use it as is, but I regularly photograph my own surface designed fabrics and have used digital images of those in quilts and other projects.
Whose online classes have you taken, besides MAM's?
Sorry about your friend's Guadalupe -- some people can be such assholes. I've had art stolen from gallery walls, never to be seen again.
Have a good one.

ingridp said...

Oh how beautiful John! I feel part of this and you used the barn so heavenly. Love this piece. So so proud to be a part of your art. Feels like I have moved in........

Brian Kasstle said...

This is really wonderful! I agree with Terry. One of my favorites!

So sad that someone would take something off someone's home.

anonymous said...

I spent a study time with Cliff Holden in Sweden ages ago. It was a powerful adventure. In the evenings I used a push bike to cycle round and see those barns in the evening light. They are an amazing special dark red colour. Look forward to more in the series.

Seth said...

Now that I have seen Barn 1 and 2, I am really loving this as a series. Looking forward to #3!