Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crazy Guy Collaboration

Crazy Guy #1 Artist Proof
I proposed a Crazy Guy collaboration to my gentlemen's ATC group and everyone readily agreed to participate.  To complete this collaboration the participants make three crazy guys each consisting of three parts, head, torso, legs and feet.  The three parts for each guy will be either kept or distributed to the others in the group.  Each card has a specific identity on the back on where it is suppose to end up.  So the members of the group create a collaged  background for each of nine cards.  Then they collage the head, torso, and legs/feet on three separate cards.  When the trades of body parts have been made, the participants reassemble the crazy guys which may be collaged into yet another art piece or become a fixture in journals.  I sure hope I figure out the distribution of body parts correctly!

This particular crazy guy is unfinished, but I have been working on the nine backgrounds and this guy for two days.  I just had to unveil him on this blog.  The others when done will appear here along with the reassembled ones.  The deadline if  possible is June.


Cate Rose said...

Wild. This reminds me of a toy I had as a kid, a 3-tiered block thing you twisted to get wacky looking people. Do you remember those things?

Brian Kasstle said...

Hmmm this is intriguing. I am happy to participate! Can't wait to get started.

ingridp said...

You are crazy guys :) so funny! I understand you work very hard

anonymous said...

Yes, Connie - and I still have one specific to Christmas themes! Small children love it.
John - your versatility and energy leaves one gawping! I could marry this proof up better if you were able to stretch the leg picture sideways. His height will still be challenged, but it might be visually more of a piece. What do you think?

john said...

The leg part is the least appealing part of this for me. The legs will travel to someone else though. I am thinking of big clunky boots for this guy. One thing about this project is that the only part I keep is the head on one, the torso on another and the legs on the third. In return I will be getting someone else's body parts. I am going to scan the completed version of mine though and will use it in a collage in the future. The most important part is that I am having fun! Two more to go after I mull this one over.

john said...

Yes, I remember those flip books that give you a variety of options for different people. There were many permutations .....something like in the hundreds that one could make.