Saturday, November 6, 2021

View From the Cabin in the Mountains

 I usually do not share a photo that I have taken but I could not help but post this one as my view out of the cabin in the mountains is just spectacular.  I have a desk set up facing this view.  That is where I do most of my art.  You can see the Stillaquamish River to the right of the golden trees.  I feel lucky not only to have found this cabin to rent but that I got this photo on a sunny day.  It has rained ever since.  No matter I still love working in this special place.  You might notice the snow on the mountains in the background.  This mountain is known as The Old Man.  He is resting.  See his head to the right and the rest of his prone body.  I get to look at him everyday this month, too.  Well unless he is socked in or it is snowing.  Guess what?  Today and tomorrow we are suppose to have snow!


jacki long said...

What a beautiful shot, John, thanks so much for sharing.
Seems idyllic, enjoy.

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

What a view. I see the old man resting and I see you enjoying this solitude.

Robert said...

Such a gorgeous view, and such inspiration for creativity! I’ve seen similar shots of “the old man” before and I always marvel at how astonishingly real he looks, right down to his clasped hands folded across his sleeping torso.