Saturday, November 27, 2021

Tiny Tomes

I have been taking an online workshop with Beatriz Helton which I highly recommend.    I am in the process of making six tiny tomes.  The photos below show the work in process.  I did a little video so that you can get the idea of what the tomes will look like when complete.  That will be in a long time as one may never finish but they will be more complete as the weeks go on.  There has to be a time when one says that is it.  No more.  I am not there yet.

I am making a box to house the tiny tomes.  This particular box won't be big enough for the completed six tomes but it gives the idea of how they will be kept together once I make the correct size box.

I might align the box vertically.  What do you think?  I alternated the tomes in this image versus the image below where they are stacked more like one would find them on a shelf.

Here is the video showing the insides of a tome. 



Robert said...

Making these looks like a lot of fun! Beautiful, beautiful colors in the fabric that make up the pages in the tome!

jacki long said...

Wow! So beautiful and wonderful to ss and feel.
Again, another thing to add to the bucket list.
You and Beatriz are inspiring.

julia said...

these are fascinating, john..i can easily imagine how one could become immersed in this work...so intriguing! and so totally you, also..thanks for posting