Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Rubbings ATC 01 and 02


Rubbings ATC 01
Rubbings ATC 02

For these ATCs we were tasked to create rubbings.  I first could see myself going to a cemetery and rubbing tombstones. Then I got the idea of rubbing texture plates.  These were really successful.  When I was in Manzanita I was telling the Creative Gents about the ATC project,  it was suggested that I rub stencils.  I had some with words which I think might be Seth Apter stencils and I was in heaven with all my rubbings.  My next step was to see how they would go together as an ATC.  When I was done I liked them but was thinking perhaps they needed a focal point.  However, I also thought they stand alone and that is what you see.


jacki long said...

These are really beautiful, John.
They remind me of lovely, well-worn, well loved quilts?

Irene Rafael said...

I would have thought of cemetery rubbings or manhole covers. Love the stencil rubbing suggestion.

tgarrett said...

I love seeing those and love that I watched you makes these. I love doing rubbings with stencils.