Friday, September 17, 2021

MAB Series 07

MAB Series 07

 No post yesterday.  I went for a bike ride on Centennial Trail just north of Arlington, Washington.  All was going well until I stopped to cross a busy highway.  When i started again I proceeded to fall right over.  I hit hard and came home aching.  The aching got worse but I tried to ignore it.  Then my neighbor came over to limb a Douglas Fir that I have in the backyard.  As i was pulling out a cut limb I tripped and fell again hitting my head.  Two falls in one day did me in.  Last night was not a good sleep night and today I am icing and heating my back.  I will survive but falling as a senior takes a toll.

Now as far as this piece.  i really like how it turned out.  My portrait seems to go really well with the clothing that I chose.  He seems like just the right guy to wear this jack and sweatshirt.


jacki long said...

Oh no, please take good care.
I agree, your guys looks perfect for his attire.
Good, good job!

julia said...

Ouch!! John….i am so sorry to read this…i hope you feel better today….it’s so shocking when suddenly we get this nasty reality checks!
Alternating heat and ice can be really effective…😩

Irene Rafael said...

Oh gosh, John. I’m sorry to hear about you falls. Feel better.
In another note, I ❤️ How you have dressed your gentlemen.