Friday, September 10, 2021

MAB Series 01

MABSeries 01

 Last spring I was approached to do a collaboration with two other artists.  Our task was to create twenty collages for our section of the book.   Then we were to pass that book along and make another twenty.  Finally we were to do the same in the final book.  I pretty much kept up with the pace which was about two months for completing our sections until the last book.  I could not come up with an idea for my last twenty collages.  The book sat for a long time.  I am talking all summer it sat waiting on me to get my act together and begin working.  Finally last weekend an idea came to me.  Within three days I had my last twenty collages completed.  I am calling my twenty collages the MAB Series.  Each letter is the first letter in the three different artists name.  In a couple of weeks we will get together and share our three books and have lunch out at a terrific Mexican place.


jacki long said...

Great idea. He looks like he is thinking of that restaurant! I'm hungry too.

anonymous said...

You may have taken a while to begin but as ever once you get going your energy and application are beyond compare! I like this one and look forward to the others.

tgarrett said...

John you are such an inspiration- your collaborations are amazing- when you do things you do them big- like when you made over 365 books. As always thanks for sharing your work here.