Thursday, September 30, 2021

Caterpillar Sitched Book

Caterpillar Stitched Book

 I have wanted to learn the caterpillar stitch for a long time.  I always thought it was way too difficult to learn without taking a workshop.  I tried YouTube but was not getting what I needed….the personal touch. The San Francisco Center for Book Arts was having an online workshop on two separate Sundays taught by e bond, yes she uses lower case letters in her name and yes her first name is e.  What an amazing workshop!  I loved every minute of it and now I have made four books using this stitch.  The image above shows  my first attempt from the workshop.  I have made three more since and ready to make another one.


tgarrett said...

Terrific John- I will admit that I am terrible at sewing book structures. I have a wonderful caterpillar book my friend Ann Lighter gave me.

jacki long said...

Wow! I love this and especially your design and color choice. It looks beyond my pay grade, but ?I/'d love to learn.

Robert said...

So beautiful, John! What fun you are having!

Lindsey said...

They looks like they’re going to crawl right off the book!