Monday, August 30, 2021

Seeded Journal 2 - 09

Seeded Journal 2 - 09

Just why would this woman be wearing a veil.  It leads me to cultural reasons.  It leads me to wondering about the history of wearing veils.  One knows about why women wear veils before getting married.  One knows about wearing veils when in mourning.  I have seen hats that have veils but the only purpose is fashion.  Just what is the purpose of this veil?


jacki long said...

This is a lovely spread, John. I studied for some time, before reading your text. I was struck by the mood, but hadn't considered why the veil. But, now I think it's a flirty thoing?

julia said...

What came to mind for me was the term “veiled remark”…as in, i’m saying something, but subtly…and veils are used as a disguise in many ways…one cannot see into the heart of the person wearing the veil…it can be an imposed custom, or one of one’s choosing too…
Really enjoying this series, john!