Friday, August 20, 2021

Drescher 10 - The Bath


Drescher 10 - The Bath

I made a mistake when I did the stamping of the word 'bath'.  Drescher would have said cover it up with something else and/or then do it over again.  I thought about what I might put over the lettering but then I thought of keeping it just as is.  The jury is out.


jacki long said...

I say leave, it happend for a reason?

julia said...

There is a practice amongst those who do needlework and quilting. That a deliberate “mistake” is placed in the work, as proof it was truly handmade and not done by a machine…i think there might even be a religious component for some people…the mistake proves that we humans are not perfect….okay i might have this all wrong too! I am human..but whatever the reason, when i find a “mistake” in a work, there is a certain serendipitous joy that arises..not glee over the “failure”…but just that we are all just going along and mistakes happen! And it’s all totally ok!