Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Drescher 01

Drescher 01

 This is a page from the Drescher workshop that I did not attend.  Many of my friends did.  What I did instead is I watched the video that he has on YouTube  (1) Seeded Notebook with Henrik Drescher Online Class | Trailer - YouTube

The type of book that was created is called a Seeded Notebook.  One randomly adheres ephemera down on a piece of watercolor paper.  Then the paper is folded several times and you get the pages for the book.  One never really knows what will turn up on each page.  Once the book is sewn you can then start adding more ephemera.  The page above is incomplete.  I have only added three things....the grey flower; the stamped letters; and the French sentence.  Once the book is complete I will share it on this blog.  It is a fun, fun, fun process.


Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

These are a lot of fun!
I love this.

jacki long said...

I love this too, John, the layout appeals to me aas is?

julia said...

Well, with my new method of visiting your blog, john…i have come backwards to your first drescher post…and now i am really excited to see how this one will turn out..i am glad that i did not understand the process as i was looking at each collage..it’s definitely going to be interesting!
I am curious about how you made all your lettering..did you print them individually from a data base?