Tuesday, February 5, 2019

52 Pickup 107

52 Pickup 107
107 concludes the 52 Pickup Series.  What fun I had with it!  I had wanted to take Seth Apter's 52 Pickup workshop for years.  When he finally came back to the Pacific NW to teach it I grabbed the opportunity and I am glad I did.  Since making this series I have done other series using many of the background techniques learned in his class.  Thanks Seth!  107 collages is very close to 1/3 of a calendar year blog postings.  It took me two weeks to complete this series.


Flowers, Wax, Feathers, and Mythology Combine Into Dramatic Sculptures - Petah Coyne


jacki long said...

It's been a great series john.
But I know there's more magic to come! ;o)

Seth said...

Woo hoo John. I am glad you took the class -- and finish the cards. Great to be able to see them all too.