Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Kantha Cloth Book Bags

Kantha Cloth Book Bags 01

Kantha Cloth Book Bags 02

Kantha Cloth Book Bags 03

I had ordered some Kantha cloth scraps from an Etsy vendor months ago.  It took awhile for me to decide what I wanted to do with the cloth.  Then I decided to make presents and include a book in the each bag.  So I ended up making 21 of the bags.  It seems I just could not stop but I did with number 21.  Kantha cloth comes from India.  One has to be careful about the cloth as the color might not be set if you order direct from a company in India.  Vinegar does the trick.  Ordering on Etsy from my Albuquerque vendor made this task easy since the colors were set.


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