Thursday, February 7, 2019

Cover for A Minute in Time and A Minute in Time 01

Cover for A Minute in Time 
 A Minute in Time 01
I am home from San Francisco and Codex 2019 which was amazing once again.  I had been in 2017 and was wowed!  I did not spend much money purchasing books this time.  I went crazy in 2017.  However, I had my phone camera ready and found many ideas to record.

We are having very cold weather in the Pacific NW and there is snow everywhere.  Getting to the airport Monday was a challenge to say the least.  More snow is coming our way Friday and Saturday.  In fact, the weather report is for perhaps four to eight inches of new snow!  Yikes!  I thought we were done with winter which up until Monday has been mild.

The new journal that I am showing starting today is a slip knot binding.  All the collages in the journal  were bits of paper I had either on my desk or nearby.  Each of the collages has a folded piece of paper somewhere in the collage.  Make sure you really look at the chair.


The Sea Ranch: Architecture, Environment, and Idealism

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Jacki Long said...

I love these, I am so envious of your binding skills & others too.
I look forward to each post!