Tuesday, January 22, 2019

52 Pickup 93

52 Pickup 93
Now that I look at this ATC I think I probably should have added some other feature to the top third....just something small to off balance the strength of the bottom two thirds.  This is a good lesson in putting things aside for a period of time and revisiting them later.  What seemed to be finished may not be.  Of course, the opposite can happen where one puts too much in a piece.  Knowing when to stop is a juggling act! :-)


Continuation Painting with Richard Prince


jacki long said...

I like it as is, I think the red works as you suggested?
Just sayin' ;o)

anonymous said...

Agree with Jacki - leave well alone! The top right red against black and the downward lighter flash towards the action guide the eye brilliantly. I think that would have been diminished by another little something. Me just saying too!