Sunday, January 13, 2019

52 Pickup 83

52 Pickup 83
Some days are just packed full of things to do.  I am on a mission to make some book bags out of Kantha cloth for small books.  So far I have made 14 bags, six of which will be in two book arts shows coming up.  One will be in Edmonds, Washington and the other in Newport, Oregon.  My problem is deciding which books will go in which bag and what will be an example of what is in the bags displayed next to the bags.  I have to take a photo of how I would like them displayed so that the curators get the idea.

I also finished eight ATCs yesterday and got them ready for mailing on Monday.  The theme for my group was "cloth".  By now you know me and how I create.  I just start and the piece leads me to the finished product.  This is my usual MO but sometimes I do get an idea of what I want for a finished piece.  Even then a lot is left to chance or is that intuition?  


Meet the artist - Thomas Schütte at the Serpentine Gallery

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jacki long said...

Wow, we both love Kantha cloth, right?
I can imagine the beauty of your books and the Kantha.