Monday, January 14, 2019

52 Pickup 85

52 Pickup 85
Mark Bradford mentions at the end of the video link below about how his work being in the Smithsonian and being a black male is super layered.  Taking that thought a different direction I really connected with that idea as a technique phrase.  The pieces in 52 Pickup are super layered.

Meet the Artist: Mark Bradford on Materials, Abstraction, and "Amendment #8"


jacki long said...

Another beauty, John!
I loved the video too!

julia said...

John..love your work and the video..i was interested in that idea of layered and how he would bing that into his offering! And then on cbs this morning gayle king used the word to discribe molly ringwold’s character in her new movie..then i wondered..while i’ve been hiding in my art space, maybe “layered” has become the new word!...like organic was for so long! Not as in organice word...but everything was organic for awhile there..:-)
Thanks for broadening my horizons and making me think!