Monday, September 17, 2018



Torn paper from the spine of a book sometimes provides great textural surprises.  You can see the torn holes on the left of the collage from where the page was ripped out and then folded over from the back of the substrate.  The folded dimension in the collage is not enjoyed as much in the scanned version above as compared to the actual collage.  The folded paper gives a third dimensionality to the piece.


Better Know: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


jacki long said...

I so love the variety of aged papers and their levels of former white.
The stamps are the perfect eye candy.

Robert said...

Love all of the neutral tones in this in contrast with the rich, dark green of the stamps. The linear quality of both the cut and torn edges of the papers in this piece create wonderful positive/negative shapes and spaces as well.

Cate Rose said...

Love this, love this series of minis!