Sunday, September 9, 2018

K-9 Pups

K-9 Pups

It just works.  I have a process, some would say a style.  It is a method and it seems to work for me. Mixing vintage with totally and seemingly disparate pieces of ephemera.  I have had many discussions about the fact that each of my collages has a narrative.  The narrative only comes when the piece is done.  Then my story for the piece evolves.  Perhaps it actually was evolving as I worked.  It is not a conscious effort though.


Lost Childhood Object - Lenka Clayton | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Linka's idea is taken to the VidCon Conference and creativity abounded from it......

Art Happens at VidCon | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


Claudia MB said...

I love this one. The pups in the carrier are lined up like the people in the photo. And the bars of the carrier echo the lines in the background above.

When I used to do lots of photography, I noticed that the photos that worked almost always had 2 focal objects that alone didn't say much, but together created a new meaning (a conversation between them). I wonder if that's why the 2 disparate objects in your collages spark a narrative?

jacki long said...

So cool, what Claudia MB said.
Sounds good to me.

Oh, and I could listen to Lenka Clayton talk forever!