Friday, September 21, 2018



This is a new book.  The cover is done with the exception of the time to allow it to dry.  I will show it tomorrow perhaps or maybe on the last day of the series.  In this series, like the last one, there are folded pieces of ephemera.  The binding is slip knot again.  As you know I have a love fascination with this binding.

In Eagerly, the darker ephemera push the eye toward the eagle causing movement.  I am so into movement.  It is one of the aspects of art that I look for in a finished piece.  Where is my eye going from the moment I find the focal point.  In this case I look at the eagle and then the dark vintage papers which push me back to the eagle.


Who Was Vincent Van Gogh?

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jacki long said...

Really a lovely composition.
I especially like the 14 fold-over and
the tiny shard of text,lower right.
I call is an escape hatch. ;o)