Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Geisha - Cold Wax 9

Geisha - Cold Wax 9
Geisha is the last of the nine cold wax pieces I completed.  I have four more in the wings waiting for the next stage in the process.  It will be awhile as I am on another kick right now.  Also there are 73 blog postings waiting for publication.  I know, that is obsessive and prolific , but I was busy and that is how many I have scanned and lined up.  The writing is not done on those 73.  I do that each day but the hard part is done.  It takes a considerable amount of time to scan each piece, arrange it in Photoshop so that it is squared off and the correct size for the blog, and to upload for a new post.  So I am quite excited to have that done on so many.

Yesterday I planned on making more rust papers but that did not happen as I got into finding images for the next series I am doing which is 30 pieces and has a Japanese baseball theme.  I find that funny as I am not really into sports much.....I do like volleyball, gymnastics, the Olympics.....swimming in particular.  The images I found are vintage and amazing to my thinking.  I am inspired and  so I  just go with it.  The art leads me.


The Delightfully Disturbing Conceptual Art of Michael Joo | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 3



Jacki Long said...

Love this one! ♥
Not sure if I asked earlier, or even if you read the comments,
but can you cut into the cold wax after it's done?

john said...

Not sure what you mean "cut into"? Do you mean like sgraffito?
As long as the wax is wet you can do practically anything you like texture wise.