Thursday, September 14, 2017

Elephant 09 - Accordion Journal

Elephant 09 - Accordion Journal
Recently an art friend mentioned to me she finally understood why artists might want to do a series. For me a series gives opportunity for creating a body of work on a certain subject.  In the case of the Elephant Series it is obvious to me.  The ephemera dictated the series.  There are common threads in the series and yet there are differences in the way those common threads are used.  For instance, the use of the sewing machine.  All the sewing was very random.  Line was created with the randomness. Each piece in the series has a vintage photo.  Yet each photo tells a difference story.  Each piece has bugs but the placement of the bugs is different or the bugs vary in type.  So for me the challenge was to create similar pieces but with different outcomes.  There is no doubt though that it is a series because of the common elements.


The Iconic Public Sculpture Art of Jaume Plensa | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 11


Catherine R said...

I like the gentle colours in this one. Agree about working in series - even sometimes just starting a group of pictures at the same time and making progress with the whole set over time results in a unity which is pleasing. The annoying bit is when they don't all get shown together and the tie is broken!

Jacki Long said...

I was smiling at your composition, as I do most every day.
I enlarge, study & smile.
Today the thought came to me, that I am sure
you were an amazing teacher! (still are!)
Making learning new, fun and exciting!
I am sure of it!