Saturday, September 16, 2017

Elephant 11 - Accordion Journal

Elephant 11 - Accordion Journal
I am trying to think of other things that I can scan easily to make my own tissue paper designs.  I have scanned dominoes, bottle caps, my Mah Jongg set.  Oh, I just thought of one, checkers.  Send me your ideas.  Any accepted idea will get a snail mail postcard from me.


The Godfather of Contemporary Art in India: Subodh Gupta | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 12


Bea said...

Corrugated cardboard, like the inside of a Starbucks cup holder? Possibly not enough contrast...

Jacki Long said...

calendars, letters, postage stamps, maybe vary the size or skew?
tools, screws, rulers, tape measures, spools of thread, yarn, ribbons,
pine needles, book bindings. Okaym I'll stop, but there's more! ;o)

amy of studio four corners said...

coins, keys, buttons, backs of playing cards, silverware, cookie cutters
and I love the domino scan idea...I'm stealing it!