Sunday, November 8, 2015

Meander Journal Pouch

Meander Journal Pouch
I have been missing in action for a few weeks.  First I went to Mexico with two dear friends.  We had a great time until the last three days.  I got sick.  Not fun at all when on a vacation and especially not fun to travel internationally.  The return trip was less than exciting and when I was finally home I was sick for days.  I had no appetite and I had no energy.  Part of the problem I am sure was that I was most likely dehydrated.  I am just back in the saddle and 99% recovered.  That is a good thing.

I was only able to keep up with obligations.  I had four teaching gigs which I did not cancel.  It is too hard to make them up and besides I love these groups.  Now I am just getting back to doing my own art. While in Mexico my friend, Michele, showed me a meander journal that she had made in a class she took from Judy Wise.  I have done meander journals many times but this one was different as it has a wrap around spine.  Of course I had to make one while on my trip.

We found a great art store in San Miguel Allende and I was able to get everything I needed for the journal.  The one I made was not completed exactly like Michele's example.  Since the trip I made another one, much smaller, which has the same feel but different in size.  One afternoon Judy Wise stopped by our house to visit.  I had to tell her about some projects that I had completed that she inspired me to do....without even knowing she had.  I told her I would create a pouch for her as she was intrigued.  This is the pouch I planned on sending her.  However, I like it so much I am keeping it and will make her a different one.


Cate Rose said...

Good to hear from you, John! Sorry you got sick on your vacation -- bummer. Hope you have a great week, glad you're feeling better! Hugs.

jacki long said...

So glad you're feeling better, I've missed you but knew you were havng fun in Mexico, most of the time ;op. Take good care of you!

Unknown said...

I was missing your almost daily "present" into my e mail each morning and hoped you were having a holiday or a really productive time. So sorry you were ill, be sure to charge up your batteries completely. Regards

Seth said...

Gla you are feeling better...and hope that the trip to Mexico was incredible up to the time you got sick. Glad to see you back online :-)

tgarrett said...

Glad to see you back dear friend- and am hoping for a photo of the journal itself- of course I am wanting to make one.