Monday, October 12, 2015

The Storyteller

The Storyteller
This piece, the Storyteller, has given me a fright!  I rarely, can't even remember the last time, have had issues with being backed into a corner and not having a way out.  That is not the case on this one. I definitely got backed into a corner and totally redid the right hand side of the the spread.

My idea for this one was that the man with the long beard was a storyteller.  I had somewhat of a story going on the right hand side but it just was not working.  So I covered it up with more napkin pieces and decollaged  what you see.  Then it came to me, the man had woven a story from bits and pieces of letters he had gotten at an antique store.  All the letters were written in French.  The storyteller fashioned a story from these bits.  Of course the storyteller had to have a cat who often sits on his lap when he weaves his stories.  It is up to you what that story might be.  I have my own idea.


jacki long said...

This is wonderful John!
I always enlarge and study and admire your selection of the components that make up the stellar conclusion. He looks like the stories would be very special.

Claudia MB said...

Yep, that happens to me all the time. I'm working on something and one of my cats sits on top of whatever it is and I have to pet him/her.

Cate Rose said...

Great result, whatever your process was. Thanks for your p/c, rec'd yesterday. Will send my special something to you later this week. Hugs.

Brian Kasstle said...

Great. I love how you have a story for each spread John! I hope you had a fun time in Mexico! I can't wait to see your cardboard journal!