Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another Meander Journal Pouch

Meander Journal Pouch 2
Shh!  This pouch is heading off to a state just south of Washington.  It is a surprise so I can not relate to whom it is going to but it is a thank you for inspiration.  I loved stenciling the pouch and weaving sari ribbon through the sides to add more je ne sais quoi!


jacki long said...

Another beauty John, love the colors!
What kind of paper so you use?
And do you use something to seal it?
Are you feeling 100% now? Hope so. ♥

Irene Rafael said...

Hmm, i wrote a comment but am not sure that I pressed publish. I will write it again in case. I love this pouch... the colors, pattern and the special touch of the silk. You are a clever one. xo