Thursday, June 4, 2015

Creative Gents - Accordion Book - John's

Late last summer or early fall  Terry Garrett created four accordion journals, one for Brian Kasstle, Thomas LaBadia, me, and one for himself.  We call ourselves The Creative Gents.  The journals were mailed to us and we began working in them, one spread at a time.  Each of us had a spread on one side which we called our "property".  The first spread is mine.  I then mailed the journal to Terry who completed the second spread.  Thomas, in Florida, completed the third one, and finally Brian finished it off with the last one.

On the reverse side of the journal was community property.  I started the process in mine by covering it totally with paint and some napkins bits. Then I completed the portion to the left.  Terry added the right section.  Thomas thought that the records looked the part and they are grand.  Brian added the men in the overcoats.  When it was returned to me I needed to add something in the middle, hence the tennis player and the woman.  I just love what everyone completed and now it is done! :-)

I am now working on two journals belonging to Terry and Thomas.  I will bring all three journals with me next week when I go to Minnesota for the Creative Gents Retreat.   Thomas will bring Brian's.  I am so thrilled with my journal.  I keep looking at it and can't believe it is mine.  I constantly think how fortunate it is to have such great art friends to share such a fun activity as this Round Robin was. Thanks guys! :-)


jacki long said...

What a treasure, you are all so talented!

Cate Rose said...

These are so awesome and so much fun! You guys are spectacular! Have a blast at your retreat together.

Seth said...

These are looking amazing. What a great collab!