Monday, June 22, 2015

Chattanooga Stomp

Chattanooga Stomp
I like to listen to music.  In fact, I love listening to music when I work on art but I rarely do unless I am working with others.  Why don't I listen solo?  I guess I am so into the art that I forget about outside stimuli.

Music and I have had a rough bout. When I was in high school I tried out for concert chorus because my friends were trying out.  The choir director allowed us to try out in quartets in front of the class or we could do solos after school with her.  I was a very shy person in high school and would never stand in front of a group unless I was forced to do so.

I stayed after school and sang Green Sleeves.  At the end of my song, Virginia Harder closed the cover over the piano keys, looked up at me and said, "Have you ever considered taking Ceramics?" Needless to say, I did not make it into Concert Chorus and I did take Ceramics.  My art career was off and running!

I shy away from using anything about music in my collages.  However, I found a vintage book on jazz at Goodwill and here is the piece, Chattanooga Stomp, as a result.


anonymous said...

Wonder how she chose ceramics for you! At least you weren't shown up in front of the class as the 'growler' in the quartet on trial.

jacki long said...

I like the soulful feel if Chattanooga Stomp, Can almost hear the jazz.
Strange how so many of us carry a negative blurb in with our memories? And,
you made me think how I use music when making art, Sometime I want none, sometimes classical fits and from there it goes many directions. Interesting.

Cate Rose said...

That's one fantastic spread!